Try to be a millionaire

Dream of being millionaire

How to become a millionaire is my dream since I was a child, I remember when I was a big dreamer in my early 20s, I challenged my friends to create my first 1 million at 30, I didn’t focus on this objective until 27 and that’s me now, I am writing this article as a task I challenged myself to do, The task was in “Secrets of the millionaire mind” book, So What is the journey to become a millionaire?

The journey to be a millionaire

To become a millionaire there are some steps and changes you must do in your life and here you are some of these steps:

1. Change your mindset

Stop blaming, stop playing the role of a victim because of circumstances also stop giving unconvincing justifications, Start focusing on what you want exactly.

2. Focus on earning money

I you want to be a millionaire, your full time job and your fixed salary won’t get you there, start to increase your income by freelance jobs, learn more skills and invest on yourself, or you can start your own business.

3. 10 – 10 – 30 – 50 rule

This rule I started to follow lately, This rule indicates to how to manage your money by:

  • 10% of your money is for saving; it’s better to save your money in a saving account in a bank.
  • 10% for investing, in my point of view investing is not about earning money only, you can earn skills or earn something you needed, for example, this month I invested a part of my 10% in renewing my domain of my website, this website helps me to find new jobs, Also you can buy investing certificates from banks, Only you know what you want.
  • 30% of your money you can have fun with it, You can buy clothes, Eat at restaurants, and enjoy your weekend with your friends.
  • 50% is for your responsibilities.

You can change these percentages according to your budget and your life style, it’s not a fixed rule, but try to follow and commit it.

4. Try not to use credit cards

Buying the latest version of iphone is really amazing, but if you can’t afford it, try to buy an earlier version or even other mobile brand, don’t enter the vortex of installments by your own desire.


There are many other steps to take to become a millionaire but the previous ones are the most common that are mentioned in most topics that focus on earning money.

And at last I recommend you to invest your time on watching useful videos and reading books instead of watching useful films and playing video games.

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