Online learning activation during the pandemic

Online learning activation during the pandemic

E-learning activation

March 2020 a pandemic has been widely spread in the world, Most businesses, centers, and educational institutes shut down, and the majority of people stayed at home, The only thing that remained to refresh your mind and saturate it with the information you need is e-learning and reading.

E-learning has been widely reputed specially in the last 8 months and most of the educational institutes begin to use it as a main source of education with various types of content.

Types of e-learning content

There are 3 main types of e-learning content that are used by most educational institutes and teachers whole over the world which are:

Recorded videos

Most online courses & Educational institutes use this type of content because of it’s various benefits, like:

  • Easily edited; so you can deliver your information clearly
  • The student has freedom to learn at anytime

Live Lessons

Many teachers started to use this type lately because:

  • It’s interactive and engaging
  • Students are more committed

Using tools like Zoom and google meets, so teacher can create classes or even use social media live videos.


Do you remember when your friend record collage lectures to listen to them later? That’s it, Recorded audios are less common during the pandemic although focusing on the topic is more effective without any disturbance.

What are the effectiveness of e-learning?

  1. E-learning covers all the needs of most individuals
  2. You can repeat the lecture many times as you want
  3. Engaging and updated materials
  4. Cheap and sometimes free.
  5. Cost effective

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